Private Dining – Business Meetings

Restaurant Olivijn is the ideal location for your next business meeting. There’s plenty of room for larger groups with a maximum of 22 people. Get down to business or enjoy a teambuilding lunch in an uplifting environment. Olivijn engages all your senses. Get inspired by art and get right to it whilst enjoying a fully serviced visit.

Different Bussiness Arrangements

Olivijn is a professional organization with trained personnel. We offer different arrangements for you to fill in the day as you please. Rent our separate space for a half- or full-day session. Are you going for a short or extensive lunch? Rather have a complete dinner or an afternoon drink with several sweet and savoury bites? Olivijn ensures your business meeting will be a grant success.

Download the pdf-file for a complete overview of our prices and possibilities.

Feel free to ask us via or call us at 023-574 61 91.

Private dining Olivijn